an invitation to be all you are …

What's it about?

It’s about remembering how to belong - moving from disconnection to a soulful conversation with the other than human world and your inner wildness.

It's about remembering a way of being in nature, both outside on the land and within your nature.

It's about coming home and realising that you've never been alone.

Have you have ever longed to know what you are for? Or yearned to live the life you vision for yourself but feel too scared ? Wonder what deeper purpose you have? Felt creatively blocked and emotionally numb , with a sense that there's something missing in your life?

Then this nature connection practice is for you.

Much "therapy" and counselling focuses on managing the problems we have with living – anxiety, depression, stress, self-criticism, addictions, emptiness, difficulties in relationships , lack of self-esteem and so on. What this work offers is not a focus on problems, but guidance to remember your innate sense of wholeness . When we feel rooted and purposeful, these "problems" - which very often are coping strategies that are serving us in some way - are no longer needed.

We have evolved for millions of years to be in relation to the other-than-human world and it's only in the last 150 -200 years that we have lived in a way so cut off from nature. This lifelong separation from nature creates a fragmentation of who we are, causing us imbalance and emotional distress . Like a pot-bound oak tree, our resilience is lessened and the part we play in the green web of life is smaller than it would be if we were fully rooted in the deep soil of our belonging.

From that rootedness to yourself and your place in the web of life, you can feel fully alive, offering the gifts you were born with in service to Earth and all who live here . . .

Occasionally I offer focused group work, longer intensives in collaboration with others and 'Soul Saunters' in local wild places - please check the Events, Offerings and Insights page for up to date information.

… in your wholeness and belonging.