About me

Mother of six home educated children

Counsellor MBACP (accred)

Fusion Life coach NCFE (accred)

BA hons dip Landscape Architecture




Lover of the night and the wild places

Tide seer


I'm grateful for many things, and I'd like to offer specific deep gratitude to the following, who have mentored and guided me and without whom I would not be able to offer this work:

The land I live on, which has re-wilded itself over the last 18 years and has nurtured my own re-wilding by showing me how balance and vitality can be restored.

Bill Plotkin (writer of Soul Craft), Geneen Haughan (poet) and the other elders and guides at Animus Valley Institute who have supported my soul journey with wisdom, practices and humour.

Jon Young, 8 Shields Institute and Art of Mentoring crew who have offered teachings and skillfully held spaces in which my family and I can reconnect to Nature.

Mike Wheeler, who showed me that there was another, deeper way of being in the world.

Many poets, but Mary Oliver, Rilke, Rumi and David Whyte have been like the north star when I have been lost in the darkness.

My family and friends and previous clients, whose trust in me is an honour that I do not take lightly.