One-To-One Counselling and Mentoring Sessions

I am available for one to one counselling sessions from my home near Llandeilo, Carmarthenshire or by zoom/skype and by phone.

I'm offering warm, soulful and creative emotional support from my yurt in some wild woods alive with birds, deer and other beings by a little stream . . . I've been told many times that the peace of the place is a remedy in its own right and I find it to be healing too . . . my belonging to this land supports my work, whether done in person, by phone or online.

I've been counselling for 12 years, working with a wide range of issues and gathering various tools along the way.

I'm inviting you to:

  • Explore your inner nature.
  • Remember and value the inner resources you already have.
  • Develop parts of yourself that are not fully available to you.
  • Live a wilder, freer and deeper life that feels purposeful and fulfilling. Most of us start looking for counselling/therapy when an issue presents itself - depression, anxiety, despair, betrayal, relationship stresses, trauma ,sense of inadequacy , hopelessness, lack of motivation, addictions, self harm . . .all of these are ways in which our feelings communicate to us that something in our life and way of being is missing.

    For many of us this is not an easy world to live in and these struggles and issues, though extremely difficult, are often a fair response to the craziness and disconnection of the culture we are in. My job as an independent, perceptive, non critical and trustworthy guide is to support you to lovingly tend to yourself and remember how to thrive...By tending to your inner nature, through exploring ways of wholing and self healing, the "issues" naturally lessen or cease because they no longer have a need to so forcefully draw your attention to an imbalance in the way you are living.

  • How I work

    I work within the web of nature – which means that, no matter how we work, I never lose sight of you as belonging to earth and part of that bigger picture, affected by weathers, seasons, cycles and the environmental problems that are impacting earth and us now. As well as the normal counselling models in which I’m trained and experienced (for those interested - person centred, humanistic, integrative, cognitive behavioural therapy, Transactional Analysis, Mindfulness) I refer to a nature based map of the psyche and model of human development too. How much we actually do eco-therapy or work out on the land is up to you – there’s plenty of wildness in each of us - in our dreams, deep imaginations, shadows and yearnings to explore without leaving the yurt or our zoom/skype screen!

    As well as listening with the ears of my heart and mirroring back to you your own knowing and wisdom (with the wonder that I always feel when people are willing to show up for themselves), some of the tools I may use are focusing, inner child work, inner dialogue work, deep imagination, expressive arts, authentic movement,  nature based and deep nature connection practices, dreamwork and humour.

    Training, qualifications & experience
  • Accredited member of BACP with Diploma in Counselling
  • Accredited member of NCFE with Diploma in Therapeutic Coaching
  • Completed training with Animas Valley Institute in Wild Mind Training Programme
  • Extra training in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Transactional Analysis, Working with Children and Young People, Addiction, Sexual abuse, Self harm, Trauma, Sexuality, Working with Groups, Counselling online
  • Landscape Architecture BA (hons) and Post Graduate Diploma
  • Neighbourhood Mediation training with Newport mediation service
  • Consensus decision making /Conflict resolution training /Facitilation training
  • currently completing Soul Midwifery Training
  • Counselling , Support and Therapeutic Experience
  • Counsellor for Lampeter University Student Services
  • Primary Health Care Brief Intervention Counselling for Carmarthenshire Counselling Service
  • Mindwellbeing online counselling service
  • Private counselling and mentoring practice
  • Nature Connection Womans Group
  • Art of Mentoring staff for 8 Shields Institute UK
  • Rape Crisis Support Worker for New Pathways
  • How to arrange a session

    Please call or email . . . l will get back to you as soon as possible – please do say if it’s not ok for me to leave a message on your phone.

    The initial brief phone call is free so that we can get a feel for each other and see if what I’m offering and what you are looking for are a good match.

    We can work face to face in counselling or doing mentoring by skype/zoom/telephone.

    Other things

    I work from a beautiful woodstove-heated yurt in the woods next to my home. It’s a peaceful and nourishing place . . . and needs you to be fairly mobile to reach it and in wellies after wet weather.

    If you have decided to work with me then you will need to agree to pay me if you forget to turn up for a session or have to cancel within 24 hours of a booked session.

    Session fees
    • I charge £40- £60 /hour . . . The lower rates are for those on lower incomes. Please choose the rate that you can manage and, if comfortably financed, pay more in order to support those who live with a lower income. I do sometimes have a couple of lower price spaces for unwaged, students, counselling trainees and concessions so please do ask.
    • I ask for 24 hours' notice for cancellations. You will need to pay for your session if you don't cancel in time or forget to come. I will give you as much notice as I can if I occasionally need to cancel due to ill health etc.
    • I prefer cash and can give receipts. Any non-cash payments eg Paypal/cheques /bank transfer need to be made in advance of the session.