My relationship with mistletoe

In Norse tradition Mistletoe was seen as a symbol of love and the Druids of Cymru regarded it as representing life force in winter and as a show of fertility.

In some Roman traditions, beneath the 'golden bough' was known as a place for warring tribes to discuss a truce with no weapons allowed - these are probably the origins of the more modern kissing ritual at Christmas and so I plant more mistletoe with a similar intention of spreading peace and love.

Also, mistletoe is in decline in the UK as old orchards disappear and are replaced by mechanised ones, taking with them several insects that only live on mistletoe and an important winter food for some birds - establishing more will support the future of other species.

My own personal connection is in remembrance of my friend Mike Wheeler who died in 2015. For 25 years we met in the Marches once a year to welcome in the spring and to share our poems and stories from our lives. He used to help me collect ripe seed from hawthorns, apples and elders at our meeting place so that I could establish it back here in Cymru.

There are many new plantings around my home now and I'm getting consistent results. I hope to be able to plant in Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion and Pembrokeshire over the coming years.

Planting times & costs

Plantings take place in March/April each year. You can purchase a planting at any time during the year for yourself or as a unique and sustainable gift for Christmas, Valentines/St Dwynen's or birthdays.

I supply a handmade mistletoe themed card with voucher and information sheet within the price to give on the special day.

I charge £50 for a 50 seed planting from which you are likely to get at least two plants.

I have mistletoe growing on apple, lime, hawthorn, rowan and medlar, and there are many more possible host trees.

If you want to discuss this further then please do contact me:
mistletoe@bellselkie.co.uk - 07549 311832